Asterisk Pages: The repository of asterisk call center information, articles and press releases


Asterisk Pages relaunch

5th January 2011
The Asterisk Pages website has been relaunched following some technical issues. These included a server crash wiping out the wiki (which was theoretically backed up but we'd never tried rebuilding from a MediaWiki backup). A glitch in the restored MediaWiki database caused serious problems on the Apache Server which hosted other critical data so we have relocated to a commercial hosting site. Please bear with us while we get the wiki, forum and articles up to date.

Asterisk forum up and running

1st November 2010
The Asterisk Pages forum was finally implemented today. Its purpose is to provide an independent resource for discussing all things Asterisk. There are forums for advertising Asterisk vacancies, products and services, areas to discuss all aspects of using Asterisk from installing, configuring, deploying and running it to developing extensions and other customization of Asterisk.

Asterisk Wiki Launched

10th September 2010
The skeleton of the Asterisk wiki has now been completed. There will be topics on all aspects of Asterisk from the history of telephony, terminology, the main players in the field, information on technical aspects from installation to developing, with areas for companies to build profiles and showcase products.

Asterisk call center information website launched

31st March 2010
The Asterisk Pages website was launched today with the purpose of creating an independent information resource for all Asterisk users. We intend to host information on Asterisk for developers, resellers, call centers and other end users. There are several other websites out there with a similar concept but most of them are either pushing a particular product, are covered in advertising or are more generic VoIP sites that focus to a lesser or greater extent on Asterisk. The purpose of this site is to be independent of particular products and to keep a clean interface without the information being crowded out by the noise of adverts scattered across the pages. Any advertising that we do allow will be discreet and at the bottom of the pages. This does not mean that we won't publicise relevant products - if you have a product release please let us know and we will publish it on the relevant pages.

We are also building a wiki and would be grateful for any and all to contribute to it. We will be hosting a forum for discussing all things Asterisk and are happy to publish any articles or press releases that are relevant to the use, deployment, extension and customization of Asterisk.